- Dr. Joseph White, Author and Speaker
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Books and Resources by Dr. White:




Teach It, Eucharist and the Mass
Joseph White/Ana Arista White
Gives you new insights and ideas for helping children and their parents learn about receiving Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament.
978-1-93170-987-3, Paperback, 144 pages, $2.00 plus S&H, ID #: R42
Teach It, Penance and Reconciliation
Joseph White/Ana Arista White
Gives you new insights in helping children and their parents in learning about coming to Christ in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.
978-1-93170-988-0, Paperback, 144 pages, $2.00 plus S&H, ID #: R43
Catechist's Companion to the Nat'l Directory for Catechesis
Joseph D. White, Ph.D.
While not intended to be a substitute for the directory itself, this booklet discusses the major points of the National Directory for Catechesis in practical and understandable languge and provides questions for discussion, recommendations for further study, and a prayer for catechists on each topic.
978-1-59276-171-5, Paperback, 16 pages, $0.74 plus S&H, ID #: X222
Catechist's Companion: How to Manage Behavior
Joseph D. White, Ph.D.
Within the eight pages, catechists will learn indispensable strategies for setting the tone, positively channeling kids' energy, and managing individual needs. It includes helpful examples for addressing issues with parents, motivational prayers, and self-assessment questions for continued catechist growth.
978-1-59276-188-3, Paperback, 8 pages, $2.95 plus S&H, ID #: X239
Catholic Parent Know-How: First Communion, Revised
Joseph White/Ana Arista White
This is an amazingly affordable 8-page tool, making it easy to give one to every family. You can gain parents' involvement in their children's growth and even give them some spiritual nourishment of their own! (Also available in Spanish!)
978-1-59276-194-4, Paperback, 8 pages, $1.95 plus S&H, ID #: X245
Catholic Parent Know-How: First Reconciliation, Revised
Joseph White/Ana Arista White
In 8, easy-to-read pages, parents will come away confident about their understanding of the Sacrament, as well as how best to communicate Church teachings on Reconciliation to their child. (Also available in Spanish!)
978-1-59276-250-7, Paperback, 8 pages, $1.95 plus S&H, ID #: X301
Joseph D. White, Ph.D.

When we use different methods to teach the Faith, we show that our message is living and rich, and we show that we respect those we are catechizing. This point speaks to the importance of developmentally appropriate catechesis, teaching the Faith with an awareness of what people need and enjoy at various ages and using methods that fit the age group one is catechizing.Another way in which our variety of methods can show respect for those being catechized is the way in which the activities we use reflect an understanding of the various abilities and learning styles that exist within a group -- even a group of same-age peers.The Gospel is for everyone, and it needs to be communicated in ways that result in real understanding, reflection, and application. There are important reasons, therefore, to use multisensory methodology -- activities that use various senses and abilities. This short booklet explores the theory behind multisensory catechesis, the history of its use in the Christian tradition, and practical examples of how multisensory methods can be used in catechetical settings today.
Paperback, 8 pages, $1.95 plus S&H, ID #:X379
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